Bio Carbon Solutions Global (BCSG), is a Waste Conversion Development Company working to develop eco-friendly fuels, bio-chars, activated carbons, energy, chemical feedstocks, green plastics and materials. We seek environmental waste sites or feedstocks and develop businesses to clean up the environmental issues responsively, while creating sustainable economic models with a closed loop, 99.96% emissions free technology. The waste industry is vast, and most landfills throughout the world are near or at capacity. We provide a sound alternative solution to this waste problem, cleaning up the air, land and water for future generations.

Bio Carbon Solutions Global (BCSG) along with its engineering partners and technology providers, brings to the table the necessary marketing, design, construction phase services, process engineering, technical support and operations for successful sustainable growth. We also partner with local engineering and architectural firms in the areas in which we identify a potential project.


Tim NewbTim Newberryerry
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Newberry is a registered professionally licensed Architect in the State of Hawaii and has previously worked in the State of New York. Tim brings with him over a decade of experience in pyrolysis and gasification as National Sales Manager, and served later in the capacity of Assistant Operation Manager for Carbon Bio-Engineers, Inc., Tim possesses intimate knowledge of the system science and operational requirements, which is coupled with over 25 years of Sales, Design, Construction and Contract Management experience in the Institutional, Military, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Design Markets. With countless Design projects in Military Hazardous Waste, Commercial, Industrial and Alternative Energy facilities, Tim offers a strong design skill set for offering Sustainable, energy efficient, Green and Carbon Neutral projects, as well as a vast knowledge of the carbon markets and related industries.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.45.58 AMMark Haworth

Along with his duties as a Consultant to BCSG, Mark is also the president and Chief Dot Connector for one of Hawaii’s top boutique advertising and marketing agencies, ConnectWorks Group Hawaii. As a leading sales and marketing director, Mark spent 25 years in sales and business management for media companies including the Cox Corporation, Ohana Broadcasting, and Caribou Broadcasting.  Mark has been involved in putting together successful business operations for over 25 years in San Francisco as well as Hawaii. He serves on the Board of Directors for KIPC, as well as the Pa’ani Challenge. He is a past president of the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters, as well as being their National Legislative Liaison. Mark and his wife are both from Hawaii, and live in Honolulu. Mark is also an ordained Episcopal Priest.


Picture6Cindy Hoppe, Ph.D.
Lead Process Engineer
Cindy is a chemical process engineer with over twelve years of industry experience in the energy and renewable chemicals & fuels industries. Most recently, Cindy provided process engineering consulting services to Nucelis LLC, a biotechnology development company, where she executed technology transfer and manufacturing start-ups for renewable chemicals products. Prior to that, she was a Senior Process Engineer at the waste-to-energy company CH2E Colorado LLC. During her time at CH2E, Cindy provided technical support for a commercial-scale tire pyrolysis operation. She performed optimization studies, designed and implemented process improvement projects, evaluated the long-term economics of the pyrolysis technology, and developed tire-derived oil specifications. She also held a position as Engineering Project Manager at OPX Biotechnologies in Boulder, Colorado where she worked to develop and commercialize a bio-renewable drop-in replacement for a petrochemical with a $6 billion market. During her four years at OPX, she managed project teams for technology transfer and scale-up of the manufacturing process, provided engineering designs for a $500 million commercial plant, and authored a patent for purification of the primary bio-based chemical product now owned by Cargill, Inc. Cindy worked at Koch Refining Company, the refining division of Koch Industries in Corpus Christi, Texas as a process engineer. She worked for three years as a process engineer at the Chevron Refinery in Honolulu.   During her time at Chevron, she optimized crude distillation systems, executed improvement projects during refinery turnarounds, and worked with the Honolulu airport to improve jet fuel specifications.
Cindy holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Chemical and Biochemical engineering from the University of Iowa, where she conducted UV curable polymer research. One chapter of her dissertation is published in Polymer, and she holds two patents with Toyota for auto body coatings applications.  Her undergraduate degree is in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, where she also received also received a minor in Public Affairs resulting from a student exchange program with the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas in Moscow.